Feb. 13, 2023

Upward with Transfr S2E2: All About Manufacturing Month and the Future of the Industry

Upward with Transfr S2E2: All About Manufacturing Month and the Future of the Industry
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Manufacturing is surging back here in the USA, but not everyone knows it — especially not young people just entering the workforce, as well as job seekers of all ages who could swell the ranks of this critical industry. Transfr sims give learners of all stripes the skills they need to tackle the manufacturing jobs of the future, but who else is out there forwarding this vital mission? We're joined this episode by Transfr's own Mitch Dickey (Government Relations Manager) and, from the Illinois Manufacturers Association, Vice President of Education and Workforce Policy, Sarah Hartwick. We discussed Manufacturing Month and the effort underway to spread the word about the world of "Modern Manufacturing" and present training opportunities to help interested parties find well-paying jobs in this high-growth field.

Executive Produced by Alexandra Zaccaria

Produced by Jack Cieslak & Ryan McLaughlin

Recorded, Mixed, Edited by Ryan McLaughlin

Music by Ryan McLaughlin

Mitch DickeyProfile Photo

Mitch Dickey

Government Relations Manager

Mitch Dickey is a Government Relations Manager for Transfr where he focuses his efforts on building workforce development collaborations with state level government agencies, industry associations and other state and regional partners.

Prior to joining Transfr, Mitch help lead legislative advocacy initiatives for the University of Illinois System and worked in the Illinois General; Assembly on the Speaker of the House's staff.

Mitch is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Go Illini!), is currently pursuing his Masters of Public Administration at the university of Illinois Chicago, and lives with his wife in Chicago.

Sarah HartwickProfile Photo

Sarah Hartwick

VP of Education & Workforce Policy

Sarah Hartwick is Vice President Education & Workforce Policy and Executive Director, IMA Education Foundation for the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. Prior to joining the IMA in 2021, Sarah was previously the Executive Director of ED-RED, a suburban public school district advocacy organization. Sarah has also served as the Co-Director for Legislative Affairs at the Illinois State Board of Education and has worked with education advocacy organizations including Advance Illinois and the Illinois Head Start Association. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in political studies with minors in both communications and economics.