Upward with Transfr

Upward with Transfr

Conversations with the subject matter experts that inform our simulations. The world of work is constantly changing — and training methods must change to keep up. On Upward, we sit down with thought leaders, SMEs, and designers who are building the training systems that will help undiscovered talent find their unique pathways into the well-paying careers that will keep our world going. We also hear from trainees and workers on the front lines of our shifting workforce for their first-hand stories of what it takes to succeed.

Recent Episodes

Upward with Transfr — Nontraditional Career Paths: Bharani Rajakumar

March 13, 2023

Transfr founder and CEO Bharani Rajakumar's family immigrated to the US when he a small child. Growing up, he did a wide array of jobs before eventually founding Transfr. Check out his inspiring story and hear his vision for…

Upward with Transfr S2E2: All About Manufacturing Month and the Future of the Industry

Feb. 13, 2023

Manufacturing is surging back here in the USA, but not everyone knows it — especially not young people just entering the workforce, as well as job seekers of all ages who could swell the ranks of this critical industry. Tran…

Upward with Transfr S2E1: Bringing Career Exploration Everywhere with Augmented Reality

Feb. 6, 2023

When it comes to finding the right job, you need to see it before you can be it! VR career exploration is one of the most important things we do hereat Transfr, so it seemed like a natural progression to bring career explora…

Live Electrical Construction Panel with Q&A

Sept. 15, 2022

The US Department of Labor projects that an estimated 795,700 electricians will be needed by 2030 to meet the demands of our evolving energy infrastructure and deal with current electricians retiring. Averting this crisis wi…

Transfr and Trio — Collaborating to Revolutionize Electrical Construction Training

July 27, 2022

Building a line of new VR training simulations for a trade is a complex job — no one can do it alone! That’s why Trio Electric and Transfr teamed up to build an industry-defining package of simulations designed to help progr…

How We Built the Future of Electrical Construction Training

July 13, 2022

The electrical construction industry is in crisis: Electricians are retiring at an unsustainable pace — averting disaster will take a combination of technology and human effort. Here at Transfr we partnered with Trio Electri…

Guest: Myron Laurent